Student-VisaCanada is an amazing country to reside, work and study. The crystal clear Government Policies, perfect work conditions and outstanding education structure draws many people every year to apply for Canadian Visa. Application is given for study permit by foreign students in Canada every year because of the education system and its policies.

It shall be convenient to approach Arrivals Canada for appropriate direction and opinion to resolve all the matter regarding the documentation to regulate the process of student visa.

A letter of admission or COE from the concerned school, college or university should be there before the there is a plan to study in Canada.


  • Premium education system.
  • As the society is multicultural. It provides a homely feeling by giving national food and leisure activities of one’s own nation.
  • Canada is a bilingual nation and is considered a global head in language training
  • Innovative and sufficient opportunities are there to research.
  • There is chance of immigration
  • Reasonable international Education including tuition fees and living cost in comparison to all other first world countries.
  • United Nations has ranked Canada as one of the best places to live. It is one of the peaceful countries to live.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A Designated Learning Institution in Canada needs to accept your candidature
  • You must have sufficient funds to pay your tuition fee, accommodation expenses for self and any family member (if any) and return transportation for self and any family member (if any)
  • You need to be following the rules and should not have any criminal record that is a threat the Canadian law and order.
  • Good health and ready to provide any medication if required.
  • The immigration officer needs to be convinced that that you will depart from Canada on conclusion of your permitted stay in the country.