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    About Us

    Arrivals Canada has years of experience in providing immigration services while providing the best solutions in visa processing with a goal to ensure a smooth process during your journey to Canada.

    We believe in providing accurate and proper guidance, while following outlined immigration steps so that our clients can obtain full knowledge of immigration processes and an understanding of the Canadian immigration services that our consultancy offers.

    Our Skill

    Our Skills

    From our years of experience processing visa applications, we have obtained the trust of our clients and we have become one of the most trusted immigration consultancies. We have worked with hundreds of clients and have always worked to process client files in manner to maximize their potential of getting a visa to enter Canada. We work to treat all our clients with integrity and excellence.

    We are a Registered Immigration Consultancy, so our clients are covered by the Travel Regulatory and Consumer Protection Act. So whether you are a business professional, a skilled worker and are looking to relocate to Canada, or a student looking to study in Canada, or a tourist visiting Canada for tourism or to visit friends and family; Arrivals Canada is the gateway to help you achieve your Canadian dream.

    Arrivals Canada

    Our Approach:

    Arrivals Canada is one of the finest immigration consulting services of the country and our aim is to serve the clients and executing their international dreams by successfully processing their visas and by reducing the stress by providing high – quality services.

    We have evolved ourselves in such a way in the last few years that we have made our clientele worldwide. Our services are well categorized on the basis of immigration needs of the client i.e. ranging from starting the new life in a country to just visiting Canada for tourism.

    Our Vision:

    We provide customized solutions regarding immigration to clients all over the world by minimizing the confusion and frustration that is often associated with the visa application process.

    We focus on:

    • Professional Behavior:
      • That is our core value to provide highly satisfactory services with a professional approach to complete the visa application processing.
    • Reliable:
      • Each application is analyzed and prepared accurately as per the existing immigration policies and legal requirements.
    • Efficient:
      • We constantly try to improve our procedures to optimize the time taken for each individual’s application and to make the flow of the process as easy as possible.

    Our Process

    We have a dedicated team of professionally qualified immigration experts, who have experience with visas, immigration policy, and have worked with various procedures for several countries. We work to provide the best services to our clients through:

    • Dedication towards services
    • Maintaining a transparent relationship with all applicants
    • Step – by – Step visa application process
    • Easy relocation services without any hurdles
    • Easy and Free Assessment
    • Customized services according to the need of the individual
    • Quick Response by qualified professionals

    Study or Work in Your Dream Country – Canada!